Weekfour Research Strategy-Researching Ethics

Weekfour Research Strategy-Researching Ethics - Values and...

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Values and Ethics 1 Situational Ethics – The effects of social leadership failing to lead ethically. u have some good information, but this was to be a written paper, with a cover page, a thesis statement, content from 700-1050 words long with two citations, two references, a clear and concise conclusion, and all in correct APA format Professional Values and Ethics Paper Learning Team B University of Phoenix
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Values and Ethics 2 Professional Values and Ethics Paper Introduction Specific subject ( Professional values and ethics) Professional values and ethics have been thought to be a standard for all people to abide by, professional or just good behavior for everyone. This standard has in the past been viewed as immutable and the verification of it was in every agreement between the organization and all of its employees. Also the chain of command followed a belief pattern that flowed through the Religious organization, to Governmental organization, to Business organization. Touch on contents of essay (Sub-topics) The years have passed now with the election of Governmental people who only favored business, discarding their duty to the public at large. Business became the rule for society doing only the things that was good for their top leaders. Before that Religious leaders secretly hid and made unavailable their law breakers, a thing which had been hidden under society’s fear of being judged wrongly or taken as rebellious to their teachings. Government did nothing to curtail what the church was doing because they have their members who act as they please freely. It seems as a conspiracy but the simplicity of just not abiding by the rules for any reason And the fact no one was stopping them makes it just open thievery. Now the protection of the offenders and their stolen wealth does look like conspiracy. For the members of professional organizations and the public at large ethics and agreements have changed rapidly and now quarterly for so long it is hard to remember when an agreement was something you had to look up in your files to see what it was, Now wait a few weeks and you are going to get another one in the mail. Where does it leave us the Professional wishing to make an agreement with our new employers, a health care,
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Weekfour Research Strategy-Researching Ethics - Values and...

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