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Week Five Outline-DWa - • Describe how professional...

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Values and Ethics 1 Running Header: Values and Ethics Paper Professional Values and Ethics Paper Learning Team B University of Phoenix
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Values and Ethics 2 Professional Values and Ethics Paper Introduction Specific subject ( Professional values and ethics) Touch on contents of essay (Sub-topics) Thesis statement First Paragraph Topic sentence Expand of specific subject and sub-topics Lead into body of paper Body of Paragraph Definition of professional values (not personal, liberal, ect.) Definition of Change in Scope of professional ethics Definition of professional ethics (“ “) Explain relationship between Professional Values Old Style Professional Values NewStyle Professional Ethics Twenty years ago Professional Ethics Now in today’s market years ago Career Success using the best mix of old and new values
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Unformatted text preview: • Describe how professional values can impact career success • At least two specific examples • Two new style examples Values and Ethics 3 • Describe how professional ethics can impact career success • Describe how you must adapt to protect yourself from Corporate greed • At least two specific examples Conclusion • Summarize Paper • Hit on key points • Conclusion statement Reference Page • At least five different references. ( I suggest we use a different reference for each fact) • Peer-reviewed • Accurate Citations • At least five different , peer-reviewed, and accurate citations Cite all facts that are not common knowledge. If you cannot ask the person nearest you if they know the information without looking it up, it is not common knowledge!!!!!...
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