Professional Ethical Behavior

Professional Ethical Behavior - wrongdoings by the very...

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Professional Ethical Behavior This portion of the background that we as thinking, believing, judging people use to base our own ethical and moral and professional behavior on. For those who follow belief patterns particularly religious belief patterns whose structures of thought and the rules of right and wrong are taken from those rules generally make up that “Right or Wrong” decision we are supposed to be making. In a nutshell your very own religion with leaders of world class organizations are permitting severe moral
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Unformatted text preview: wrongdoings by the very priests they use to teach right and wrong to go unpunished and they even thwart the law in seeking redress or bringing the culprit to a court of law to be judged by a citizen peer group. The Catholic Church and Child Abuse By Gary Fisher Copyright © 2002 Gary Fisher Homepage | More Time Warps | Armchair World Directory You can fill out our feedback form for sending us your comments. Thanks! Copyright © 2002-2004 Armchair World...
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