LOBBYING REFORM It Would Be Nice (For Them) If They Didn't Blow It

LOBBYING REFORM It Would Be Nice (For Them) If They Didn't Blow It

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LOBBYING REFORM: It Would Be Nice (For Them) If They Didn't Blow It Thu. Jan. 19, 2006 1 "Divided over changes to lobbying and ethics rules," congressional Dems have been "slow" to seize upon the corruption scandals plaguing the GOP. Rep. David Obey (D-WI) notes that just at a time when Dems have the opportunity to regain a majority in Congress in the '06 elections, many party members "oppose tightening lobbying rules." 2 For one, House Min. Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD), there is "little need" to change the rules because "it is not the rules that are the issue, it's the character of the players that is the issue here. That is what I want to focus on, the culture of corruption." 3 The DLC's Marshall Wittmann recommends that the leadership "rattle some members and say, unless we take the initiative with bold and far-reaching proposals, the Republicans will steal this issue from us." More Wittmann: "The real problem is the town drowning in big money." The possibility of a return to power, and its associated advantages, may affect Dems' divisions over a lobbying overhaul. GOPers showed that when they took back the House in '94 that the majority party has an advantage in fundraising from PACs. Public Citizen's Congress Watch's Frank Clemente points out that Dems "may be counting on exploiting this funding source in the future" (Newton-Small, Bloomberg, 1/19). Yeah, Could It Be Any Easier? 4 CNN's Begala: "I think the Democrats have been given a gift by the Republicans when the Republicans put Rick Santorum in charge of reform, since Senator Santorum, Republican for Pennsylvania, was also in charge of . .. the K Street project, which was a way that they used to strong arm lobbyists. It was a corrupt enterprise" ("Situation Room," 1/18). Don't Want To Be Left Out In The Cold November Rain 5 When announcing their ethics plan 1/18, the "high profile" nature of the event at the Library of Congress "made it clear" that they intended to make their assertion of GOP corruption "into a theme" in the 11/06 elections (Hulse, New York Times, 1/19). 6 Saying GOPers must be held responsible for the "poison tree of corruption" as well as the "fruits of bad legislation" that result, House and Senate Dem leaders "pledged to more than match" the GOP effort to tighten lobbying rules, curb gifts and travel. The p.m. rally at the Library of Congress "underscored the larger political stakes." Senate Dems are proposing the establishment of a new Office of Public Integrity which would have the authority to "audit and
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LOBBYING REFORM It Would Be Nice (For Them) If They Didn't Blow It

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