How do you research answers using your computer

How do you research answers using your computer - stored I...

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How do you research answers using your computer? Week 3 Discussion 1 Provide an example Of course the ubiquitous Google is the first one to come to mind. Then if the answer is not there I have about 4 Terabytes of on line data I can access within a short period of time. Next I refine my search to fix any important first stab of the word orderings and their importance in the Query. I have the skill of many years of working with data in quite a few formats. When I do not find what I am seeking, I then seek out places and forums where such specialized data should be
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Unformatted text preview: stored. I then apply for membership to the forums using personal, a small business, or a large organization affiliation. I usually get a membership at the basic level, I then log in and start querying their database. The tricky part of getting at new data that you have never seen is to figure out where the keepers keep it and why or how they have a lock on it. Seeking is such fun – getting the answer I need is the good result, kind of like solving a puzzle for the first time. ....
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