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Creative Thinking - for sure 19 years old and solidly...

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Creative Thinking Michael Janice Creative thinking as I have read about it involves more than just brain storming. A small view and not much more: Creative thinking starts early in life, at 4 years and getting caught washing the cat, Reasons why it was a good idea. Then 10 years old getting caught smoking dads pipe, a much higher level of creative thinking 16 years old and caught doing doughnuts in the parking lot with Grandpas car, Elevated reasoning here
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Unformatted text preview: for sure 19 years old and solidly asleep on watch, partied night before till dawn, Positively inspiring creative work 30 years old and just lost the job needed to pay the rent, Wife and 3 kids, Creative thinking to get back to work – Creative at 100 % As you see in the pattern, it is an evolving skill that gets better with age and experience...
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