In the age of cell phones text messaging and email communication week 3

In the age of cell phones text messaging and email communication week 3

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In the age of cell phones text messaging and email communication, what is the role of formal writing? How do these digital communication methods impact the writing process? Great; Formal writing of course must be used to create the framework to hand professional communications on, or to communicate an idea or explain a situation where 140 characters just will not do. Which is just about any place where you will find work being done or something created, fixed, sold, talked about, explained, rumored, tested, Well you get the picture we need written communication for a whole load of things that make our everyday life possible in the present way we live it. The written word tells stories and enables us communicate three or multidimensional thoughts with their logical conclusions using only the understanding of the phrases the author used to create their flow. The impact of digital information flow has of course increased many fold from the times where
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Unformatted text preview: Ideas were expressed only through written form or spoken form. The changing of these words to digital format where we can take our leisure to access them and get as many as we want to read in a short period of time enable us to build vast resources of knowledge in only hours where it took days or months to accumulate the same knowledge fifty years ago. If you have developed a handy mental filter to enable you to read vast fields of data per hour you can amass the skills to tackle new things or ideas with a sure plan to succeed when you have got what you are searching for. By utilizing a skill for understanding the written word for example I have amassed enough real data and applied it to real world jobs where I succeeded in the assigned task. Its easy just read and put aside what you want to work with....
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