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Answer the following on threading messages
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Answer the following on threading messages. 1. Describe the process of threading. a. Threading is the process where each answer or posting is displayed distinctly from the other one by listing the authors name, date, and time of the post 2. Why is threading important in OLS? a. The importance to OLS is because all participants are working and contributing their content at different times. By following threads holding content for each assignment it makes so the observer can tell at a glance who has been there, when and what they have contributed. 3. You have posted a message separate from its thread and your facilitator asks you to resubmit it properly. Why do facilitators require proper post threading? a. Because it ties the content to the assignment and that is where comparisons can be made to enable all classroom participants to be judged equally. If the thread was allowed separate quantification and acknowledgement favoritism might be one result Course Forums Answer the following on course forums. 1. Describe the functionality and purpose of the following forums:
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