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#______NAME ______________________________PERIOD______DATE______________ P ERIODIC M OTION Investigation 1: Motion of a Mass Hanging from a Spring Objective Determine the characteristics of periodic motion Materials Logger Pro or Data Studio software motion detector A Vernier or Pasco Microcomputer Based Laboratory (MBL) Interface assorted springs and masses support to hang spring and mass from (e.g. a lab stand) Introduction Periodic motion is motion that repeats itself. You can see the repetition in the position, velocity, or acceleration- time graphs. The length of time to go through one cycle and begin to repeat the motion is called the period . The number of cycles in each second is called the frequency . The unit of frequency, cycles per second is given a special name-- Hertz . Activity 1 Periodic Motion of a Spring and Mass In this activity you will examine the graphical display of the motion of a mass hanging from a spring. 1. Open the Logger Pro program . Open the experiment file L05in1 (Periodic Motion) from the Additional Physics…Tools for Scientific Thinking…Mechanics folder. A distance-time graph and a velocity-time graph will appear on the screen. The distance will range from 0 to 1m and the velocity from -4 to 4 m/s with an experiment length of 10 seconds. (Be sure that the INTERFACE is connected to the computer and turned on.) The motion detector should be plugged into port #2 of the INTERFACE if using a Vernier interface.
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