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C13 Genomes and Genomics (DRAFT) P 454 and P479. Concept: Reverse genetics P 460 Concept: sequence contigs (Read the necessary background so that you know what these  are and how they are used in the sequencing of a genome.) P461 Scaffolds and supercontigs Figure 13-6 (Understand this figure.) P466 What is a BLAST search and how is it done? P468 Definition of concept: pseudogenes. P475 Definitions of: Transcriptome Proteome Interactome PP475-476  Microarrays (This material is very important.   (Multipoint question.)
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Unformatted text preview: What are they physically and how are they used?) P 478 Studying the interactome using a ChIP assay. (Know how these are done.) P 481 Reverse genetics by phenocopying (Do the intro. paragraph.) These two techniques for phenocopying only: RNA interference (Handout coming) Only sentences from your text from “The inactivation is achieved as follows.” To the end of the paragraph, skipping the last sentence of that paragraph. Chemical genetics (First three sentences only.)...
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