Required DS HW and Campbell

Required DS HW and Campbell - lecture on that day. You are...

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Scholars, Required discussion sections, homework and Campbell review This is a reminder that the discussion sessions and the homework are BOTH required for this course. YOUR GRADE WILL SUFFER GREATLY IF YOU DO NOT ATTEND DISCUSSION SESSIONS AND TURN IN YOUR HOMEWORK. The first discussion session for this semester will meet AFTER YOUR FIRST LECTURE. Recall that lectures do not begin till WED. Therefore you will not attend any discussion session on MON. or TUES. The first discussion sections will begin AFTER your first lecture. Therefore, it is possible that you might attend a discussion session on WED if you have one scheduled after your
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Unformatted text preview: lecture on that day. You are scheduled to attend one discussion section each week and you should attend the one that you are scheduled for as that is when your attendance will be recorded. Thanks so much for all your PRE-CLASS scholarship this semester. If you have the text Campbell, 7th edition, Biology, it will help to re-memorize Units three (chapters 13-21) and Unit 4 (Chapters 22-25). If you do not feel that you do not have this material fully down, do not panic you can get it before class by beginning now. Dr. Pierson...
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