Case Study (Ellen)

Case Study (Ellen) - 1a Ellen feels grief from her dead...

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1a. Ellen feels grief from her dead mother causing depression and guilt nearly everyday. She also had lost appetite and stopped eating. 1b. Ellen has depressed mood everyday since she married a person that seems bossy. She has low energy and feels hopeless after she left her husband. Ellen has significant distress from her own family. 1c. Ellen can be said to be suffering from a major depressive disorder. She can't stop thinking about suicide. She has constant thought about her being hopeless. Ellen feels like suicide is the only way to go and feels good about it. 2. Ellen would be classified as a death seeker. She clearly wants to die. She even thought about what gun she should use to end her life with. 3. 1. Depressive disorder and certain other mental disorders. 3. Suicide preparation 6. Isolation 7. Hopelessness 11. Marital problems 12. Stress 1. The depression from her father, a veteran, might play a role in Ellen's depression. Also, her mother is a religious fanaticism. Those traits could all be passed down to Ellen.
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Case Study (Ellen) - 1a Ellen feels grief from her dead...

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