Practice Exam 1 - SAMPLE: CHM 3120 Exam 1 (Form Code A)...

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SAMPLE: CHM 3120 Exam 1 (Form Code A) Instructions: On your scantron sheet enter your name, UF ID number (start on the first space and leave the last space blank), and Form Code (see above). This exam consists of 20 multiple choice questions each worth 10 points for a total maximum of 200 pts. You may retain your exam sheet. Turn in only the scantron. Bubbling errors of any kind will count as an incorrect response or result in the loss of points. 1. In Analytical Chemistry, what is meant by a “standard solution”? (1) Solution meets EPA approval (2) Solution prepared from primary standards (3) Solution used for the most exacting analysis (4) Solution with contents known to a high degree of certainty (5) other 2. What is the difference, if any, between qualitative vs. quantitative analysis? (1) Terms usually used interchangeably (2) Quantitative analysis refers to what species are present (3) Quantitative analysis refers to how much of a species is present (4) Qualitative analysis is an outdated term for quantitative analysis (5) other 3. A 48.0 wt% solution of HBr in water has a density of 1.50 g/mL. How much solution is required to prepare 0.250 L of 0.160 M HBr? (1) 4.50 mL (2) 2.25 mL (3) 9.00 mL (4) 3.75 mL (5) other 4. If As in drinking water is found to be 10 ppb, what is this in molarity? (1)
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Practice Exam 1 - SAMPLE: CHM 3120 Exam 1 (Form Code A)...

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