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Unformatted text preview: Sociology of Sport: Final exam 2 hour Sociology of Sport Final Exam Date/Time: Monday May 18th 9:00am-11:00am Place: UTC 4.112 Sociology of Sport: Final exam Part One This part is worth 60 points. There is one correct answer for each question. There are 5 sections with 12 questions on each topic: DEVIANCE QUESTIONS What is deviancy, how is it defined? How is violence/intimidation understood? Sports ethic what is it, how does it relate to deviancy? Gender differences in violence Differences between North American and British approaches to understanding violence and sport Sociology of Sport: Final exam RACE AND ETHNICITY QUESTIONS How do sociologists define race/ethnicity? What is meant by "dominant racial ideology"? What does the term "Great White Hope" refer to? What is stacking? What does the "cool pose" refer to? What are the differences in participation rates between racial groups? Sociology of Sport: Final exam GENDER QUESTIONS Understand what Title IX is and its impact on sports participation Understand what is meant by "hegemonic masculinity" Have a knowledge of the level of gender equity within sports organizations and coaching/management positions What is meant by objectification and selfobjectification? How does sexuality impact sport? Sociology of Sport: Final exam SPORTS AND MEDIA QUESTIONS What are the different types of media? What is meant by a symbiotic relationship? What are the gendered dynamics of contemporary media sport? What is meant by the encoding/decoding model? Understand the relationship between media consumption and sports participation What does sport journalist Dave Zirin argue about the importance of sport sociology? Sociology of Sport: Final exam HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE QUESTIONS Effect of sports participation on academic learning Does sport increase revenue for schools/colleges or is it a cost for such educational institutions? Effects of Title IX on participation rates Rates of graduation of college "student athletes" and how this varies according to sports/race/gender Sociology of Sport: Final exam Part Two this section is worth 40 points. Answer TWO questions from FIVE. Write clearly! 1. Question on the use of Native American mascots: what is pseudo-Indian imagery, how is it connected to race and sport, and how have some Native Americans tried to re-claim Indian-ness? 2. Question on how sociological accounts can explain differences in motor performance between men and women in sport what is meant by "self-objectification" and how does it relates to physical performance? Sociology of Sport: Final exam Part Two this section is worth 40 points. Answer TWO questions from FIVE. Write clearly! 3. Question on Andrew Zimbalist's "Postscript" to Unpaid Professionals: Commercialism and conflict in big-time college sports what are his concerns about college sport, and what remedies have been proposed to correct the problems? 4. Question on fan violence what are the different types and how does fan violence differ in the UK and the USA? 5. Question on the relationship between sport and the media and how they have become intermeshed. Sociology of Sport: History, power and politics Sociology of Sport: Fandom, nationalism and identity Sociology of Sport: Media and spectacle Sociology of Sport: Gender and sport from the 19th-21st century Sociology of Sport: Masculinity and Sport Sociology of Sport: New masculinities, celebrity culture and the beautiful body Sociology of Sport: Racial difference, ethnicity and sport Sociology of Sport: Sport, play and the human body "Theory is a help only if we can learn from it, and we can learn from it only if we use it. Another way of putting this is that it is less a matter of learning theory than of learning to think theoretically" (Ian Craib, Modern Social Theory, 1992, p. 5) "What do they know of sport, who only sport know?" (paraphrased from C.L.R. James, Beyond a Boundary, 1963) ...
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