A person - A person’s identity is fluid-influenced by the...

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A person’s identity is fluid -influenced by the society one lives in -the society does not determine that identity. categories is dangerous ---membership in a certain category implies a necessary result of a predictable linguistic and social behavior. ---While language is a social behavior, a person’s identity is not constant and changes based on surroundings. ---Bucholtzshows that identity can be a performance, where one tries to achieve a certain image by changing the language on uses. +Those using the terms are changing the way others perceive their identity ---Yet, categories are still used and we looked to identify these categories used and analyze the results. Things(and people) by any other name would change its identity. ---Certain terms once thought by an ethnicity or race to symbolize pride or honor could be struck down to shame and racism after discovering that the term was used in derogatory connotations in other cultures +referring to prejudice held against one race by another. ---Terms could be used in trying to reclaim the term within a social network or looked on with disdain with the realization of what the term had meant. ---The saying that a rose under another name would smell just as sweet may not be true. ------Therefore, the way in which we, as a society, define a person, impacts the way we perceive the thing.
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+On the other hand, the definition does not remove the true identity of the individual. +One’s identity is constantly changing and adapting to both what the person wants andwhat society wants. In terms of our results, there seems to be a generally acceptable term for foreign Whites, Asians, and native Blacks in America. ---The term “Asian” was acceptable to be used 90.3% of the time in a
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A person - A person’s identity is fluid-influenced by the...

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