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Matt Speight There has been a report of a sinking library in Sweetwater County, Wyoming. Sources: An online book, The Baby Train and Other Lusty Urban Legends, discusses the common fable of sinking libraries, but accounts for one actual sinking library. It states it had a case appear before the Wyoming Supreme Court and was placed in the Engineering News Record . The link for the site is
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Unformatted text preview: king+library+sweetwater+county+wyoming&source=web&ots=vTwKYQUUVa&sig= O7t3VNsUiAnWH76TE0i0Se8AYlU#PPA301,M1 The Yale Alumni Magazine also talks about the same library. Being built on top of a cemetery, the dirt was too loose to hold a firm ground. Snopes, an online site that is based upon proving urban legends true or false, has also talked about the same sinking library.
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