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Matt Speight A world without mechanical engineering would be a primitive one at best. Mechanical engineering involves machines and energy and without these two very important concepts, we would lose out on all automotives, locomotives, aircrafts, and abilities to explore the outer space. The small world that we have learned to become much smaller through the technology we hold would become similar to that of the age of explorers, since we would lack the ability to travel the seas efficiently. There would be no more steam ships. We would have to adapt much more to the environment, as we would lose out on common heating and air conditioning. Food would rot much faster and drinks could almost never cool us down. Without machines, we would lose assembly lines and specialization would once again
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Unformatted text preview: become they way of life. Nearly anything used today commonly would be rare and hard to find, since the assembly line would be gone. T-shirts, for example, would be one per person in general since they would be so time consuming to create. Costs would rise tremendously and luxuries, such as vacations, would be non-existent. Even if you had the money to travel, it would have to be by carriage. We would lose a tremendous amount of energy such as electricity, since steam, wind and the sun could no longer be used to transform energy created by the earth’s natural processes into useful energy. Since mechanical engineering is so broad, almost all areas in life would be affected....
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