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Matt Speight Reverse Engineering 2. The pen is able to retract and extend because ofthe spring at the front, on the inside, of the pen and because of a more complex concept at the back, on the inside. The portion, labeled A, is able to slide past the portion B, when pressed and released, due to the jagged slope of each extension in portion A and the triangular shape of each extension in portion B. The frame in which portion A and B are put into is raised at half the interval of the extensions in part A and B, so that every other time portion A slides into portion B, it stops at the raised interval of the frame. This forces the pen to stay extended, where the spring is the force keeping the portion A and B unmoved. Pressing the end of the pen, essentially presses portion B down and therefore, portion A. When portion A comes back up, it is slightly moved over due to the triangle of portion B, and slides into the next interval, which is unraised, so portion A goes all the way into the interval, making the pen retract
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