german R5B autobiography - William Speight 19459574 In...

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William Speight 19459574 In Search of a More Complete Identity Since I was a kid, I have only known English as a way to communicate with others verbally. Living most of my life in Southern California, a predominant location for immigrants, many would say only knowing English creates communication problems with others. I have undoubtedly been exposed to multiple Spanish and Asian cultures, but is learning other languages in order to communicate with people that have a better understanding of Spanish or Mandarin Chinese worth the time and effort? I do not want to be seen as pompous or arrogant to the surrounding cultures by sticking to my Southern California English background. When I am outside the Southern California area, others can almost pinpoint where I am from. In terms of my dialect, using phrases like “sup dude” and “that’s sick” (meaning that’s awesome) help identify me as a Southern California English speaker. However, the language usually is not the only thing that helps in creating the persona of a Southern Californian. Where I grew up, going to the beach, having pool parties at the neighbor’s
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german R5B autobiography - William Speight 19459574 In...

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