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William Matthew Speight Allegra Giovine, Th 10-11 19459574 April 29 th , 2008 Creating a New Identity (or Reviving an Old One) Indus culture shows represent traditional and modern South Asian culture, with the focus on Indian culture. At UC Berkeley, it is a long-standing tradition to host one of these shows every year. Luckily, I was able to attend one of their events at Zellerbach Playhouse on Saturday, April 12 th at 7:00 entitled, “Indus River.” Zellerbach Playhouse, is not particularly the most multicultural place on campus, but it is one of the most prestigious and inspiring buildings. It was most likely chosen since the culture is believed to be prestigious by those submerged into the ideals and values of the Indian culture, and wanted to be demonstrated in that fashion. For the chosen title of the show, the Indus River is the longest river in the Indian subcontinent, and is thought of as the source of the name “India,” making the title extremely appropriate for the occasion as the Indus culture show attempted to demonstrate or convey the pride and overt prestige in the Indian culture. Throughout the show, there were a total of twelve language acts. These language acts were later told to me to be in Hindi, but were more than likely a variety of dialects within the language that I am unable to interpret due to the lack of knowledge about the language. None-the-less, it was apparent that there was a high sense of importance around the language being spoken. Those that had spoken the language revealed the formality of the situation and the pride associated with being able to speak it. It was interesting that the language acts were included in the first place, since nearly half of the audience probably could not understand
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linguistics extra credit indus - William Matthew Speight...

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