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When coming up with an idea for this project, we wanted to look at the way we label people based on their race and ethnicity. We decided to create a survey where pictures of 4 people from a specified country and particular race were given. The survey taker was asked a series of questions for each person asking what they would label the person in two different social environments. The first social environment was with a best friend and the second was with a stranger.
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Unformatted text preview: The survey taker was given two choices for the identification and asked which would be used in the social environment. At the end of each section, all terms were given and the survey taker was allowed to choose the term they would most likely use and the terms that are acceptable for use. Essentialism Social factors and language use Register Shift Politically correct vs Socially correct Prestige In group vs out group ? Nativism in terms of whether or not American...
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