ws813 - Rob Bayer Math 55 Review August 13, 2009...

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Unformatted text preview: Rob Bayer Math 55 Review August 13, 2009 Instructions Work through the following review problems as a group Make sure to focus not just on getting the correct answers, but also on how you would actually write your proofs/solutions Feel free to skip aroundtheres way more problems here than the actual midterm will have, so focus on whatever your group wants practice with. As always with review/practice tests, the inclusion or exclusion of certain topics should not be taken as an indication of what will be on the actual midterm. These problems are meant to be a supplement to the worksheets, quizzes, and homeworks youve had so far. Logic, Sets, Functions 1. Find a truth table for the compound proposition ( p q ) r ( q r ) and determine whether it is a tautology. 2. Find the converse and the contrapositive for the statement If it is cloudy, then it is raining 3. Determine whether each of the following logical statements are true. The domain for all quantifiers is N (a) x y ( x y ) (b) y x ( x y ) (c) x y ( y 6 = x x y (mod 5) (d) x (13 6 | x y ( xy 1 (mod 13))) (e) x (6 6 | x y ( xy 1 (mod 6))) 4. Suppose is an equivalence relation on the set A which has countably many equivalence classes, each of which is countable. Show that A is countable. 5. Prove that if A is uncountable and A B then B is uncountable. 6. Prove that log 7 15 is irrational. 7. Prove that A- ( A- B ) = A B for any sets A,B 8. Prove that if | A | = | B | , then |P ( A ) | = |P ( B ) | Number Theory 1. Find gcd(142 , 76) along with integers s,t such that 142 s + 76 t = gcd(142 , 76) 2. Show that there are no solutions in positive integers to x 2- 5 y 2 = 2 3. Show that a number is divisible by 7 iff the sum of its octal (ie, base 8) digits is also divisible by 7....
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This note was uploaded on 09/10/2009 for the course MATH 55 taught by Professor Strain during the Summer '08 term at University of California, Berkeley.

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ws813 - Rob Bayer Math 55 Review August 13, 2009...

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