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Engl1302D Schedule of Assignments

Engl1302D Schedule of Assignments - Schedule of Assignments...

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Schedule of Assignments Week 1 (10/25 – 10/31) 1) Read : Visions Module 1 Introduction Responding - Pgs. 15-21 Essay - Pgs. 29-37 Question : In bullet-point format, list and define the elements of an essay as described in the text. Then choose an article from your favorite magazine. Briefly summarize the content of the article including an analysis (2 paragraph minimum) of your choice explaining why it is an essay. Be sure to include the title and date of the publication as well as the article you are using. 2) Read: Literary Selection in Visions; Appendix A Pg. 351 “ A Love That Transcends Sadness ” W. Morris Question : In your opinion, what is the meaning of the title of Morris’s essay? Use at least 2 direct quotes from the text to substantiate your claim. 3) Class Info Sheet Week 2 (11/1 – 11/7) 1) Read : Visions Module 2 Short Fiction Elements of Short Fiction Pgs. 44-51 Plot/Structure Pgs. 58-63 Characters Pgs. 70-74 Setting/Character Pgs. 81-85 Question : Explain the major elements of the short story as discussed in your reading. Discuss how Shirley Jackson integrates these elements within the short story “The Lottery”. That is to say, identify these elements in the story. You may use bullet-point format. 2) Read: Literary Selection in Literature; Pg. 268 “The Lottery” S. Jackson Question : Think about the Hutchinson family in “The Lottery.” What members of the family are portrayed as rounded characters? Flat ones? What traits are associated with each family member? Considering the information that you have learned, how would you describe the family? How does that description relate to the story’s theme?
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Week 3 (11/8 – 11/14) 1) Read : Visions Module 2 Short Fiction Tone - Pgs. 92-98 Symbolism - Pgs. 104-110 Theme - Pgs. 117-123 Question : Define tone, symbolism, and theme. In a short paragraph explain how each of these elements function in a short story.
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