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polyComboLockData - Leong,Ann,B,954833...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Smith,Jane,I,390589,98-40-34 Blake,Bill,L,938492,49-44-28 480375,09-54-49 Johnson,Anne,K,489583,38-94-00 Walker,Wally,E,854498,59-36-87 Martin,Sally,R,298593,39-74-54 509277,85-38-67,20070228 Singh,Deepa,A,395947,57-46-48
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Unformatted text preview: Leong,Ann,B,954833,58-39-56 Quinn,Robert,S,305939,66-44-48 Lane,Larry,T,674930,58-49-57 638967,58-90-32,20063005 Reilly,Kelly,F,904803,90-38-05 Davis,Cindy,P,674875,44-03-55 468720,44-67-01...
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