PCBased - minGhz = ghz; } public int getRam(){return...

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package homeWork6; p public class PCBased extends Game { int minRamSize, minHdSize; double minGhz; d public PCBased(String newDescription) { super(); minRamSize = 0; minHdSize = 0; minGhz = 0.0; } public PCBased(String newDescription, int ram, int hd, double ghz) { super(); minRamSize = ram; minHdSize = hd;
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Unformatted text preview: minGhz = ghz; } public int getRam(){return minRamSize;} public int getSize(){return minHdSize;} public double getGhz(){return minGhz;} p public String toString() { return super.toString() +" RAM Needed: "+minRamSize+" Disk Space needed "+minHdSize+" Speed Needed "+minGhz; } }...
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