presCand08b - 388704,28-43-54,20070239 086748,10-47-59

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Sheet1 Page 1 Biden,Joe,R.,890572,58-29-64 Clinton,Hilary,R,266258,58-04-13 Dodd,Christopher,J.,859201,24-47-29 738202,32-39-84 Edwards,John,R.,276022,28-50-22 572054,92-39-48 Graves,Mike,R.390628,05-67-29
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Unformatted text preview: 388704,28-43-54,20070239 086748,10-47-59 279602,28-94-02,20070118 Obama,Barack,H.,390674,85-02-48 285027,08-84-92 287609,27-55-98 740862,27-05-29...
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