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Week 2 - (glossary “Dynamic ever-changing...

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Stanford, C., J. S. Allen, et al. (2006). Biological Anthropology: The Natural History of Humankind . Upper Saddle River, Pearson Education Inc. Define: Population An interbreeding group of organism (glossary). “Often used to describe groups or communities of animals that are identified within a species (128).” “An individual organism…will find its reproductive mates from among the other members of its population (128).” Can be a “flexible” term (128). Below the level of a species (128). “Deme can refer to populations that are being defined in terms of their genetic composition (128).” The term population is meant to convey the notion that these groups are “stable and identifiable” but not “genetically impermeable.” Species An interbreeding group of animals or plants that are reproductively isolated through anatomy, ecology, behavior, or geographic distribution from all other such groups
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Unformatted text preview: (glossary). “Dynamic, ever-changing entities (113).” “Tend to be overlapping categories, rather than completely distinct units (113).” The definition of a species is currently debated. We now have DNA analysis to help us categorize individuals into species. “Reproductive isolation” seems to assist in designating a species (1130. Subspecies A group of local populations that share part of the geographic range of a species and can be differentiated from other subspecies based on one or more phenotypic traits (glossary). “A term…to describe variation below the species level (128).” “In biological sciences, the term race has been used interchangeably with subspecies (129).” “Human races correspond to groups of populations that are found in or derived from a particular geographic area.” Organisms...
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Week 2 - (glossary “Dynamic ever-changing...

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