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The SDLC is used to develop custom applications or to manage the integration or deployment process of a purchased package solution.A variation of this methodology which is used to create a comprehensive security posture is called Sec SDLC ( security systems development life cycle). Sec SDLC is an approach that focuses on security.It involves the identification of specific threats and risks they represent.Then it designs countermeasures and specific controls to manage those risks.There are several steps that are unique to SecSDLC in all the 6 phases performed by both SDLC and SecSDLC. In the investigation phase,the SecSDLC defines project process and goals and document them in a program security policy. In the Analysis phase,the SecSDLC analyzes existing security policies and programs,current threats
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Unformatted text preview: and controls,it performs risk analysis and examines legal issue. In the Logical design phase,the SecSdlc develops security blueprints,it plans incident response actions and business response to disaster and finally it determines feasibility of continuing and outsourcing the project. In the Physical Design phase,it selects technologies needed to support the security blueprint,it develops the definition of successful solution and it reviews and approves projects. In the Implementation phase,the SecSDLC buys or develops security solutions. In the Maintenance phase, it constantly monitors,tests,modifies,updates and repairs to respond to changing threats. These are the unique features of SecSDLC.So,it differs from general SDLC in many aspects....
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