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answer11 18-20-29 - the design of the security solution...

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A variation in methodology of SDLC is the SecSDLC which is used to create a comprehensive security posture. The steps and cycles for SecSDLC is same as SDLC but there are few more steps which are unique to SecSDLC: 1)Investigation : This often begins as directive from management specifying the process,outcomes and goals of the project and its budget.Teams are assembled to analyze problems,define scope and goals and identify constraints. 2)Analysis: A preliminary analysis of the existing security policies or program is prepared along with known threats and current controls.This includes an analysis of relevant legal issues that could effect
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Unformatted text preview: the design of the security solution. 3)Logical Design:Team members create and develop a blueprint for security,and examine and implement key policies. 4)Physical Design:Team members evaluate the technology needed to support the security blueprint,generate alternative solutions and agree upon a final design. 5)Implementation:The security solutions are acquired,tested,implemented and tested again. 6)Maintenance: Once the information security program is implemented,it must be operated,properly managed,and kept up-to-date by means of established procedures....
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