ERP abstract - Abstract: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)...

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Abstract: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is real-time complex repository of business information system(s) which requires high cost in its implementation incurring many resources by any organization. Maintaining the integrity of all segments of a business is the challenge in Enterprise Resource Planning, where a business is segmented into many components and the holistic approach to integrate the real-time functional aspects of all the segments in business in relation to the successful operation as a single unit with a common database. The software should offer the standard functionality expected from ERP software to support manufacturing and back office activities. The modules to support these activities include financial management, specifically general ledger (GL), accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), and fixed assets; financial control, specifically budgeting, cash flow, and standard and actual cost accounting; human resource (HR), specifically payroll and time and attendance; production and
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ERP abstract - Abstract: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)...

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