OB case - 1 What do you predict will happen if Leon doesn't...

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1) What do you predict will happen if Leon doesn’t get his break?Explain.How would this be described in reinforcement or operating conditioning terms? If Leon doesn’t get his break,he might not be motivated and he might not show any progress and continue in the same manner of performing his work slowly.As Leon liked the idea of breaks,he worked efficiently than before which was a positive outcome.But now by asking him to stop taking breaks might be discouraging and Leon might not work as efficiently as he worked when he got breaks.He might be slow like as he was before and he might be even worse than that as he is now used to the concept of breaks. Describing this in Reinforcement or Operant Conditioning terms would be: a) Positive reinforcement : By giving Leon breaks,it is increasing his efficiency to work and it is motivating him.So,a positive reinforcement is used here. b) Extinction : By taking away the breaks, the extinction type is used here.It means that if the rewards are withdrawn for behaviors that were previously reinforced,the behaviors will probably become less frequent and will eventually die out. 2) Compare Steve and Ray in terms of their approaches and concerns as managers.What does each of these men seem most concerned about and focused on?What seem to be their view about responsibilities of employees? Steve Gibson is a kind of boss who thinks in a practical way that if he motivates the employees by giving them incentives,they would work better.In the same manner he thought that if he gives breaks to Leon,he will be motivated in that way and the outcome would be better.Though it is not fair to take so many breaks during the work
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OB case - 1 What do you predict will happen if Leon doesn't...

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