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rootkit - When I saw the assignment about rootkits,I was...

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When I saw the assignment about rootkits,I was likeRootkit???I had no clue what “rootkits” are and what actually it does until I saw these videos.I like the way the person explained what rootkit is and in what way it harms the computer.It has a lot of helpful information.I have realised the importance of computer security after watching these videos.I was pretty surprised to learn that rootkits hide their presence in the victim's computer.The videos were really interesting and I browsed through the hackerdefender to know more about it.Since rootkits give hacker the access to the victim`s computer,it is a very serious problem.And since the victim would not be knowing anything about it, he will be in a false impression that he is under safe browsing.It is very important to use a really good firewall when dealing with sensitive information like bank accounts,passwords etc…It is important to know the difference between the user-mode and kernel - mode rootkits.The user-mode rootkits alter the security
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