Shreya Assignment 2 18-20-29

Shreya Assignment 2 18-20-29 - Q1.Describe the essential...

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Q1.Describe the essential parts of planning.How does the existence of resource constraints affect the need for planning? Planning is central to the management of any organization. Organizational planning and Contingency planning are the two categories of Planning.The primary goal of organizational planning is creation of detailed plans i.e. on how to meet the organization's objectives whereas Contingency planning focuses on planning of unforeseen events.In a situation where there are continual constraints on resources,a good planning enables an organization to make most out of the resources in hand.Organizations must be able to forecast their needs relative to available resources as best they can to ensure best decision making. Without a detailed planning,organizational units would attempt to meet objectives independently with each unit being guided by its own initiative ideas.This uncoordinated effort will not only fail objectives but also lead to inefficient use of resources. Q9.Describe the planning role of the CISO.How does the role differ the planning role of the CIO? CISO planning comes from strategic goals from the CEO,to form tactical and operational planning.The CISO is more active in implementing policies.A CISO is more focused on the information security of the organization and translates the CIO's goals,which are more broadly focused on the organization's proprietary information.Both play important roles in translating overall strategic planning into operational information security plans.The CISO directly reports to the CIO.The CIO charges the CISO and other IT department heads with adopting the plans that are supportive to the whole organizational strategy.The CIO must ensure that no areas are ignored in the IT functional areas and should provide support to the plan. The CISO plays a more active role in the development of planning details than the CIO. 1)It creates a strategic information security plan with a vision for the future of information security at a particular company. 2)It understands the fundamental business activities performed by that company and based on this he suggests a good type of information security solutions that protect these activities. 3)It develops plans,schedules,budgets and status reports that are intended to improve the status of that
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Shreya Assignment 2 18-20-29 - Q1.Describe the essential...

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