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survey - problems.Many of the respondents said that their...

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The 2008 FBI/CSI study covered almost all the sectors like government agencies, financial institutions, medical institutions and universities.There were 522 people i.e. 10% who actually responded to this survey.There are several graphs which makes it easy for us to understand.The largest number of responses came from the financial sector with 22%.There are many interesting results of this survey like the most expensive computer security incidents where those involving financial fraud.The overall average annual loss reported was just under $300,000.Virus incidents occurred most frequently in all the organizations and the insider abuser networks was the second most frequently occurred thing followed by theft of laptops and mobile devices.27% of the people who responded to the “targeted attacks” said that they detected atleast one such malware attack which was aimed at the respondent's organization specifically.Almost one out of ten organization's had Domain name system
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Unformatted text preview: problems.Many of the respondents said that their organization's are developing formal information security policy and very rare like 1% said that they had no security policy which shows that the awareness of computer security has increased.There are several other interesting graphs which show the security technologies used,the number of targeted attacks,average loss per respondent,percentage of key types of incidents etc. ..The graph which shows the key type of incidents is very interesting as it shows the percentage of each type of incident like virus attack,laptop theft/fraud,bots,financial fraud,insider abuse,unauthorized access,DNS which gives us a clear picture of all the incidents which took place and it makes us more conscious about keeping our P.C's secure.This survey is very interesting and informative and it is actually helping us to learn a lot more about the subject....
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