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Type vs. Token: Any generalization can be a type, a type consist many tokens. Concepts: Birds, include robin, eagle Penguin. Concepts are “natural” type. Semantic Network: Four Forms of Connection - Co-Ordinates – Words that “go” together, meaningwise (pen and pencil, red and blue) *co-hyponyms). Bird (Super ordinate, hypernyms), include Eagle, Robins ( hyponyms, subordinate). - Collocation – Words that go together in linguistic use and in experience (Salt- water, bright-red, butterfly-flower).
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Unformatted text preview: Symbol & Icon: Cross line and circle shape are symbol, and arrow + arrow turn left is the icon part. Free Morpheme: It does not have to be immediately after, Bounded Morpheme: have to glue together to the stem. Items in the functional lexicon can be free or bound. (it changes from language to language). Synonymy: Two words have one concept, inhabitants, occupants Polysemy: One words, Two related concept, Homophony: One word, two unrelated concept. Bank, Bank....
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