Mid Term Review 2

Mid Term Review 2 - exception that serves merely to prove...

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A&B: What are the steps a scientist follows when he or she is trying to learn about something? - Science is a particular way of knowing, which is based on using a particular methodology: - It searches for laws that describe the organization and development of the universe Religion is based on revealed truth, and is accepted on faith , not on observation . The Arts provide a unique vision of the artist, which we do not expect to generalize . At least some of the social sciences are based on facts that can be interpreted in different ways , which are all valid (for instance, from a different historical or cultural perspective) Some properties of the scientific method: Observation Generalization Validity Unique (unified) explanation It is a tool for observing and making predictions about the predictable universe . And often, discovering an explanation only reveals new things that were not known before. In other words, often the answer is the new question Conventional wisdom relegates the Anomalous to the
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Unformatted text preview: exception that serves merely to prove the rule but in actuality, The anomalous may point to a larger,more prodigious sense of order than can be captured by a single law. G&H&I&J: Prototype theory tells us how we organize conceptual knowledge, but not how we gain it or what, exactly, it is Prototype theory tells us that concepts have core and periphery, but it does not tell us how the core is determined. So, we have checklist theories, which tell us that what concepts are: they are fairly precise, and they can be decomposed into a small set of principles (also known as Atomic Globule Theories). They (try) to tell us about the inner structure of any given concepts. And we have prototype theories which tell us that concepts are not precise, and that decomposing concepts is not how humans represent concepts. However, they do not actually tell us what the inner structure of any given concept is....
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Mid Term Review 2 - exception that serves merely to prove...

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