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test1-1 - Terms Chapter 1 Paleolithic Period Old stone age...

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Terms: Chapter 1: Paleolithic Period – Old stone age Composition – the way an artist arranges form in an artwork Medium – material in which artists work with Sculpture in the round/freestanding sculpture - Burin – engraving tool Incise – to cut Relief – images projecting out of surfaces they are on Mural – painting on a wall Twisted perspective – method of rep when a figure is shown front and profile Radiocarbon dating – method of measuring the decay rate of carbon isotopes in organic matter in order to determine the age of the material Mesolithic Period - Transition, middle stone age Neolithic Period – new Stone Age period, architecture comes about for the first time and is created because of agriculture (which led to towns) Composite view - profile view; twisted around Optical – what you see from a fixed viewpoint Megalith (adj., megalithic) – great stone; a large roughly cut stone used in the construction of monumental prehistoric structures (like Stonehenge) Monolith
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