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test1-2 - Lamassu Asyriam guardian that takes form of a man...

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Lamassu – Asyriam guardian that takes form of a man headed bull with wings High relief – stands out substantially from the surface plane Glaze – coating that’s applied to pottery used as a seal and as decoration Glazed brick – bricks painted then kilm fired to fuse the color to the surface Chapter 3 Palette – A slate slab used in the preparation of makeup Hieroglyphics – writing system making use of pictures Demotic –later form of Egyptian writing Papyrus – plant native to Egypt used to make a paper like writing material Ka – immortal life force; inhabited body and lived on after death Mummification – technique used by the Anchient Egyptians to preserve body and provide an eternal home for the Ka. Canopic Jars – jars used as containers for bodily organs; then placed in tomb with the deceased body Amulet – Object worn to ward off evil and to protects the person who’s wearing it, placed on body Ushabti
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