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Sarcophagus - Art Works Chapter 1 Paleolithic Period: - Animal facing left – - Communication tool - People of this time recorded surroon stone plaque, broken. - Discovered in a cave in Africa - The animals is presented by the profile, see animal from the side; you get a good idea of what they looked like - Human with feline head – - Example of a sculpture - Made out of ivory - Represents human wearing an animal mask - Sculpture in the round – freestanding that is carved or modeled with the 3d tool burin - Venus of Willendorf – - Found in Austria - 4 inches tall made of limestone; female - Not meant to represent anyone female - Defining woman sculpture in the round - Woman holding a bison horn – - Different type of sculpture - Made of limestone, big chunk of limestone still attached - Relief; discovered outside of rock shelter
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Unformatted text preview: - Bison ; Altamira Cave; Spain – - Ceiling of the cave - Consider them to be forged; is an animal - Profile View - Possibly look carved up lying down - Created for decoration - Brought good luck to hunters; rituals performed after hunting - Spotted horses ; Pech-Merle Cave; France – - 2 horses; profile view - Portion of a wall, mural - The shape of the rock influenced the rest of the painting - 3 handprints evidence of human presence hand of the creator- Hall of the Bulls ; Lascaux Cave; France – - Many different animals - Profile view - Lack written record way of communicating -Twisted perspective; descriptive approach to rep- Chauvet Cave paintings, France – - Radio carbon dating - Shows continuation definite interaction; narrative; no background- Rhinoceros, wounded man, and disemboweled bison ; Lascaux Cave; France –...
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