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- interaction, tells a story that it’s a man because of pans Neolithic Period: - Great stone tower; Jericho - Neolithis town - Homes more permanent - Stone age, simple tools - Human figure – - Constructed from natural materials - Eyes made out of shells - Prob paints Gendiriss, 3ft tall3 dozen of these figures found - Maybe part of a ritual because they were found buried - Deer hunt – - narrative, animation, composite view - Stonehenge; Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England – - Heel stone lines up with the sun on summer solstice; Is a megalith - Uses post and lyntle system -Has trilithons; used as a solar calendar Chapter 2 Ancient Near Eastern Art : - Warka Vase - - 1 st narrative relief seen - Uses low relief - Religious festival in honor of supreme figure of Sumarian - Easy to read because of registers
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Unformatted text preview: - Suggest prosperity and Agricultural prosperity - Votive offering is being made (offering to a deity (god/goddess) - Statuettes of Two Worshipers - Location: In temple - Stylized Representations - Used for: taken by someone and placed at the temple for an offering (remain at temple all of time) - Eyes are suggestion of eternal wakefullness - Bull-headed lyre (and soundbox) - From cemetery - Bull has beard (bright blue) - Sound box: uses registers and groundlines - Heraldic composition used- Head of an Akkadian Ruler - Represents an absolute monarch - Copper, hollow cast - Was a full statue - Mutilated as a political statement - More naturalistic then before - Victory Stele of Naram-Sin - Sub commemorative of a victorious battle - First time a team is depicted as a god...
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