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- Stars on top - Has a setting (background details) - Landscape - Forms/chest is in frontal view; head/legs in profile view - Ziggurat; Ur - Area of Sumer; Ur - At least 3 platforms - Had to be a king or a priest to enter the temple - Elevate it to be closer to gods - Most important building in the city - Chief deity of city was worshiped here - Stele with law code of Hammurabi – - Hammurabi: king of babylon (standing taking oath) - Put a law code into place (inscribed onto the art work) - Mesopotamian deity figure is sitting - 4 sets of horns on head dress (symbol of divinity) - Rod in hand and ring (used by builders; he is rebuilding city) - Symbolic of Hammurabi; the accepting king to build social order and measure - Lion Gate; Boghazköy, Turkey - Detail of massive wall - The gateway; built for protection - Lion is a symbol of protectors/gaurdians
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Unformatted text preview: - Relief carvings - Likely was an archway - Use of lion is most significant thing- Lamassu – -Recreated in museum - Asyrian guardian that takes form of a man headed, winged bull - Has horns - Serves as a protector - Not sculpted at palace; recorded in relief - 5 legs, appears standing from front; walking from side - Example as descriptive approach to representation - Ashurbanipal hunting lions – - Comes from a palace Ashabonapol - Goal was to glorify the king as a powerful leader - Relief Carving - Ashubanapol hunting lions for sport - Increasing naturalism seen here - Ishtar Gate; Babylon, Iraq – - Babylon - Not in original location; restored in a museum - Ishtar is a Mesopotamian deity - Built by Nebakanezer II; wanted to restore Babylon to a great city - 1 of 8 of the gateways - Painted...
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