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Greek temples served as the earthly home for gods and goddesses Treasuries Worship activities were performed outside of the temple Cult Statue Elevation of temples signified the importance of the deity 3 functions of temple exterior 1. identification 2. votive offering 3. decorations Side 2 1. Celia 2. Opisthodomos 3. Porch 4. Colonnade or Peristyle Terms: Chapter 3 Pylon – very simple large gateway with sloping sides Hypostyle hall – a hall with a roof that’s supported by columns Clerestory – part of the building incorporating windows that rise above the roofs of the other parts Sunken Relief – made by carving the image into the surface rather than carving away the surrounding area; inward relief Fresco – painting on lime plaster and it can be either wet or dry Fresco Secco – dry fresco Sarcophagus – coffin translates into consumer of flesh Chatper 4 Cycladic Art – Pre-Greek art of the Cycladic islands Minoan Art – Pre-Greek art of Crete; named for the legendary king Minos
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