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Genre - Contrapposto - Casting - Lost-wax process - Cire perdue - Symmetria - Chryselephantine - Amazonomachy - Triglyph - Metope - Volute - Mosaic - Tesserae - Hellenes - Hellenistic - Torque - Chatper 6 Terracotta - Tuscan column - Tumulus - Art Work: Chapter 3 New Kingdom: - Temple of Ramses II; Abu Simbel, Egypt (and interior) o Rock cut temple o Basad(main entrance), sculpture. Representations if Ramses o Ideal, rigid, compact o Reign of 67 years o Size is projecting power of Egypt and Pharaoh o In disguise of Osiris; like Horas (important god associated with the Pharaoh) associated with the deceased pharaoh; belief to grant people eternal life o Hook and flail held in his hand of Osiris o Circles indicate columns
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