test2-4 - o Sun disc is Aton, the deity that Akhenaton...

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o Less ideal o Reasons for image differences s Reflection of Aton s Has medical problem swelling s Reactionary art; intentionally created in a radical way reflecting his radical changes - Thutmose; Nefertiti o Akhenaton's wife o Created by Thutmose o A model for a later work o This is unfinished; eyball was never painted o Narrow and long face accentuated by the crown. Neck is very long o Idealized images; Name translated to the beautiful one - Tiye o Mother of Akhenaton o She was an advisor to him on international affairs o Very important figure during his pharoaship. o More realistic s Modeled closely on facial features s Age; emotion seeing her demeanor s indication of a royal portrait: ear ring made of real gold - Akhenaton, Nefertiti, and three daughters o Family portrait o Very not normal o Particular figural type between these images o Children are depicted as children
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Unformatted text preview: o Sun disc is Aton, the deity that Akhenaton established o Example of sunken relief Post-Amarna Period: -Innermost coffin of Tutankhamen o King Tut: Minor figure in history, reigned for about 10 years and was 8 years old o Inner most coffin; mummified body placed here o Placed into two other coffins o A reference to Osiris (god of the dead) -Death mask of Tutankhamen o Found on wealthy individuals in the tomb o Placed over mummified body -Last judgment of Hu-Nefer o Fragment from an egyptian book of the dead o Scroll that contains spells that protect the deceased o Painted on papyrus o Continuous narrative o Going through a series of test (last judgment things) o Figures are very rigid in shape Chapter 4 Cycladic Art: -Figurine of a woman 1. made of marble...
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