test2-6 - c Megaron is the most important room -Lion Gate;...

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- Harvester Vase c Image is carved in relief c People are singing c Differentiating of figures; characterization is significant c Profile view - Snake Goddess c motif c Lady of the Beast c Cat on top of her head c Significant: Could represent a deity; is representing over and over again c Could be a fertility figure c Pinched waist tells you it is Minoan c A foot tall Mycenaean Art: - Citadel at Tiryns; Greece c has a very large and thick wall surrounding it; Why?no naval force c Site has been nicknamed Tiran of the great walls c Don't know who was responsible for building this c Greeks were convinced that the only people who could build this would be the group of Cyclopes because the size is massive c Assigned this to the Cyclopes(mythical) c Palace complex inside the walls Cyclopean masonry c Post-and-Lyntl system, Corbel arch used, Corbeled Vault
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Unformatted text preview: c Megaron is the most important room -Lion Gate; Mycenae, Greece c wall surrounding citadel at Mycenaean; leads to palace area c Relief carving; heads sculpted separately c Heraldic Composition; balance c Post and lyntl system c Relieving Triangle filled in with lions -Treasury of Atreus; Mycenae, Greece c Is not a treasury c Uses relieving triangle c This is a Tholos tomb c Conical in shape, dome c Design is based on the design of a temple c First successful completion of a domed structure that has no internal supports -Funerary mask c found in grave circle a c stylized form c basic representations of a man c Main thing: Repouss c Used a graver -Inlaid dagger blade with lion hunt c weapon c gold, silver; luxury materials c pinched waist -Warrior Vase...
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