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Arena – Latin means “sand”; the stage; all action goes on Velarium – cloth awning that could be extended to shield spectators from the sun or rain Pilaster – tall rectangular architectural element that's attached to a wall; has a base, capital, and may be fluted Concrete – a building material invented by the ancient Romans and it is a mixture of volcanic sand, lime mortar, water, and small stones Barrel vault/tunnel vault – a deep arch or series of uninterrupted arches one behind the other over an oblong space Buttress – an exterior masonry structure that opposes rust of an arch or a vault Thrust – the outward force exerted by an arch or a vault Triumphal Arch – free standing arch used to commemorate a historical event Composite Capital – capitol that incorporates the Corinthian leaves with ionic velouths Spandrel – the space between the curve of an arch and the framing columns and entablature Attic – the uppermost area/portion of that monument Taberna - single room shop that's usually covered by a barrel vault
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