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- tense arms - Iktinos fand Kallikrates; Parthenon; Acropolis, Athens, Greece c built to replace original c temple built to Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare c no straight lines c everything curves c compestaes for optical illusions - Phidias; Athena Parthenos c model of it c cella was widened to incorporate statue c pure gold, white was ivory c priscellafafntine c nike, goddess of victory c shield scene represents amazonomaky c references defeat of persians c contraposto pose - Lapith versus centaur, Parthenon; Acropolis, Athens, Greece c elgen marbles c preserve these c battle scene c centar was the persians c originally painted c panathenaic – parade in Athens where people traveled to the acropolis because their destination was temple of Athena. Presented her with a new peplos c frieze thing
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Unformatted text preview: -mean part of procession -true profile representations -shows depth -Panathenaic Festival procession frieze, Parthenon; Acropolis, Athens, Greece c scenic figures represent gods and goddesses c drapery culmination of event c controposto, bent leg -Erechtheion; Acropolis, Athens, Greece c built to replace original temple where people bring peplos c reference to king of Athens, erectios c multiple shrine c asymmetrical plan c planned around existing elements at spot c olive tree associated with Athena c not built on level ground c no complete peristyle c no complete peristyle c nothing is consistent c volute -Caryatid, Erechtheion; Acropolis, Athens, Greece -body replaces shaft -contraposit pose -drapery = fluting Late Classical Period :...
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