test3-4 - c battle between Alex and Darius 3 of persia c Not

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- Praxiteles; Aphrodite of Knidos c goddess of love and beauty c comissioned by a city, regected the sculture c Nitos purchased it c scandle. First time goddess is depicted nude c she is preparing to take a bath c this is a copy, support on the right side c highly sensual; S curver - Praxiteles; Hermes and the infant Dionysos c Messenger of gods c wore winged sandals c copy c had dangling grapes in front of dianysis c figure beautiful to eye rather than beautiful to mind c interaction b/t them - Lysippos; Apoxyomenos c athlete c scrap impurities off skin with instrument c copy c canon of proportion c contrapositive pose c tensnous c invites spectator to look at him from the sides - Philoxenos of Eretria; Battle of Issus
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Unformatted text preview: c battle between Alex and Darius 3 of persia c Not originallyorriginal was painted on a wall c mosaic c tesaray c found on floor c dramatic poses, expressions, movement c sense of space and depth, foreshortened figure Hellenistic Period : -Altar of Zeus; Pergamon, Turkey c found on acropolis c very important c court city of greek king c ionic c volute capitol -Athena Battling Alkyoneos, Altar of Zeus; Pergamon, Turkey c gigantomachy scene c nike on right c illudde to a historical battle c focus on emotionals c Athena wins c Nikes arm outstretched with victory wreath c arrangement through arms -Epigonos; Dying Gaul c wearing a torque c pain are more realistic...
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