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test3-5 - c deity figure equivalent of the god of hollow c...

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circle6 open gash inside circle6 dramatic - Nike of Samothrace circle6 sig to comemorate a naval battle circle6 landed on ship circle6 create an entire environment, placed in a fountain circle6 just landed with wind blowing - Alexandros of Antioch-on-the-Meander; Venus de Milo circle6 first nude depiction of her circle6 controposto circle6 more erotic, seen as a tease circle6 holding golden apple Ch. 6 Ital Before the Romans The Art of the Etruscans Etruscan Art : - Typical Etruscan Temple circle6 3 main materials moonfull mud brick moonfull wood moonfull Terracotta circle6 broke easily circle6 based on written documentation circle6 statuary found on the roof circle6 stair case centrally located, obvious front entrance circle6 no peristyle colonnade circle6 columns widely spaced circle6 3 cellas, cult statue of a different deity circle6 columns have a base circle6 Tuscan columns - Apulu circle6
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Unformatted text preview: c deity figure; equivalent of the god of hollow c animation of faces arms -Sarcophagus with reclining couple c married couple c practiced cremation and ashes placed in here c woman included with representations of men c elevated status of Etruscan women c woman gesturing , animated faces c not concerned with naturalism c resting on a couch -Tomb of the Reliefs; Italy c designed to resemble an Etruscan home c pillows on the rectangular openings representing bedrooms c have several generations of one family buried here -Capitoline Wolf c hollow cast sculptures, bronze c created in an Etruscan workshop for the new Roman Republic c has elements added to it, the two babies, Romulus and Remus...
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