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c new emblem of Rome c animal posses animation in face threatened, body is tense - Arringatore c public speaker, raised hand used to call attention to a crowd c credited to the Romans; Roman citizenship forced on Etruscans c interesting: inscription on hem of garment naming him telling he's son of people 1. mentions the mothers name Ch. 7 Ancient Roman Art Eclectic – combination of different influences Influences – Greek and Etruscans Republic:(reference to a form of government) - Temple of Portunus; Rome, Italy c ionic order c look of having peristyle, peripheral(Greek temple) c front 2 rows are free standing columns c dedicated to a Roman god c made out of stone more like Greek, not made out of marble c covering is a revetment - Atrium, House of the Vettii; Pompeii, Italy c Domus structure c Opening for rain fall to fall in pool c dining room area triclinium Early Empire : - Augustus of Prima Porta
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Unformatted text preview: - Ara Pacis Augustae; Rome, Italy (and details) - Maison Carre; Nmes, France -Pont-du-Gard; Nmes, France c Bridge constructed for an aqueduct c true arch c consisted or arcades of arches -Colosseum; Rome, Italy c constructed in Vaspasian, the flavian dynasty c the cavea c the arena is like the stage c referred to this because it was constructed next to the emperor Nero called the colossus of Nero c awning that could cover the Colosseum known as the Velarium c exterior consists of bands, 4, c eclecticism in columns and entablature c columns are engages columns c columns are different throughout levels c pilasters have straight edges, flat c Corinthian design -Arch of Titus; Rome, Italy c triumphal arch c associated with a military victory c vaulted construction c similar to Colosseum w/ arch and engaged columns High Empire :...
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